Xero Bookkeeper and Finance Manager

With a passion for business and a head for numbers, I launched Surf Coast Consulting on the back of 25 years of consulting and management experience in Melbourne and the UK.  This includes owning a stake in my father’s million dollar logistics software company – Transit Computer Systems – which I managed, on my own, for over 10 years.

My Masters of Economics, PostGrad Diploma of Management and Cert IV in Bookkeeping are key to my Bookkeeping Plus Finance Management services; while my business achievements and professional experience help me stand out from my peers.  My time at Transit included hands-on responsibility for sales, marketing, finance, consulting, customer service, project management, HR and admin; and overall responsibility of the software development process.

This experience gives me in-depth knowledge of how hard it can be.  I know the challenges facing small and medium businesses.  I know first-hand about cash flow, profit and loss, payroll, tax obligations and more.  And I understand how important it is to keep the sensitive financial information confidential.

As a parent, I am also passionate about the Surf Coast and Great Ocean Road communities in which my children will grow up.  I am President of the Parent Club at our local school, and am on School Council.  I am also an executive of the Committee for Lorne, and Chair of its Affordable Housing Sub-committee.  And I single-handedly set-up the local Toy Library.

This commitment to community extends to my business.  I truly care about each of my clients and see their success as my success. I’m proud that this dedication to customer service was recognised by the “Supplier of the Year” Award that my team and I won from the Australian Freight Industry during my time at Transit.

Like all bookkeepers, I am extremely organised and efficient, and my attention to detail is second-to-none.  However I also have a strong work ethic and communicate well – I am very responsive, have high standards, and I am committed to doing what I say I’ll do, when I say I’ll do it.  I also love taking a proactive approach to making improvements and solving problems, and my clients benefit from my process driven approach to their business.

As the driving force behind Surf Coast Consulting, I strive to always deliver the best customer experience possible and look forward to helping your business get fit and stay well.